Sustainable and Resilient Cities 

As a society we face a number of major challenges due to the pandemic, climate change, inclusion & equality and mutual trust. This creates friction on the daily life of all and will have a major effect on the life of generations to come. This means that we have to act now. 

Serendipity helps to re-new old cities for the generations to come. Cities and ecosystems that are sustainable, adaptive and resilient to the societal and environmental challenges of tomorrow. Ecosystems that are inclusive, caring for their citizens and guided by the moral compass, staying in balance with nature. 

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Joint Investment Plan

Creating climate neutral cities by 2030 demands a mix of leadership, strategy and funding to be in place. The Joint Investment Plan is a tool that guides ecosystems towards becoming climate neutral through a public-private funding scheme, creating next generation business models. 

Serendipity guides cities and eco-systems by using our proprietary methodology and a 'green light' verification process that ensures a seamless fit, matching the funding request of the cities/regions with a funding criteria, established by the European Commission.


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Digital Toolbox

The key to the city. The plug 'n play webshop to help to order the next generation solutions in just a few clicks. Based on open standards the Digital toolbox is a powerful procurement instrument to avoid vendor lock-ins and makes it easy to apply the newest technologies in the market.

The Digital Toolbox secures compliance on the latest EU regulations and secures a seamless integration for cities & technology companies. 

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Human Centered


To deliver human driven services towards your community based on Digital Toolbox and adaptive service card (physical, app or AR/VR).



The Modular



To make your ecosystem agile and adaptive to solve the societal challenges of today and tomorrow.


Urban Air



To open the air space for the city and create sustainable and safe mobility.


Digital Twin




To provide a real-time monitoring of the ecosystem, city, campus or stadium, based on multiple digital layers.


Virtual Boardroom 



To help your campus, stadium or city in XR reality steer towards being sustainable.


Partners & clients

17 Feb 2021

Digital Toolbox

The European Commission has decided to invest EUR 800.000+ in the Digital Toolbox through the Research and Innovation call on Urban Air Mobility Flying Forward 2020 (FF2020). The funds will be allocated for the refinement of the Digital Toolbox and the acceleration of its rollout in cities and regions throughout Europe.


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