We organize coincidence

That unexpected moment that changes your life.
When you look for something and find something else.
When you realize that what you have found is exactly what you needed.
Discovery is the result of the coincidence of serendipity.

We are serendipity. We connect the unconnected.

We improve the quality of life, developing a planet where we all can thrive. We believe that 21st century education, emerging technologies and collaboration are key components for designing sustainable solutions that are human centered and durable for the generations to come. Creating adaptive environment and positive impact on society is something we are passionate about.

Become future proof … by doing!
Lets help our world digitize in a human way, be ahead, meaningful and relevant.

Our key to succes

We help ecosystems to see the future. Through our progress management (a balanced approach between advisory, program and projectmanagement) we help cities, campuses & stadium to realize their digital transformation strategy. Our vision is to build and create a global network of sustainable & resilient cities. To have impact.

We are a network organization which is agile and based on our network of global minds & makers (people and organizations) who are game changers in their field of competence. This way serendipity is able to anticipate fast on new developments (social & technology). We see, we translate, we realize.

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our global minds & makers

meet our founders & advisors

Jonas Onland



Managing Partner

m jonas@serendipity.buzz
Andy Lurling



Non-Executive Director

m andy@serendipity.buzz
Sven Bakkes



Non-Executive Director

m sven@serendipity.buzz
Inna DIkoun



Project Coordinator

m inna@serendipity.buzz