Sustainable & Resilient cities

We believe in re-newing old cities for the generations to come. 
The cities that are sustainable, resilient and livable.

The world is in crisis. Environmental. Social. Economic. We are spilling the resources of earth at high speed and the world population is expected to grow till 2100. More people die by overweight than by hunger. And data is the new currency and is shifting the global powers. Covid-19 is showing that we need to think global and act local in which sustainability & resiliency is the new norm. We need sustainable & resilient cities.

But how do we do that? The challenge will be the integration and interoperability; therefore we need sustainable and resilient cities. Cities that are adaptive to the societal and environmental challenges we face in the upcoming decades. Cities that are connected. An ecosystem of cities which takes care of their citizens & community, is inclusive and guided by a moral compass and in balance with the natural resources which make us resilient and sustainable. To realize the vision of human progress on a global level.

We translated our vision into an approach for sustainable & resilient cities in three layers:

  • Community; people make the city. We need to go to a process from co-creation to crowd-creation in which the community builds a place where people want to life, in balance with nature. This creates ownership and a sense of community.
  • Logistics; by looking at the city from a holistic perspective we believe in a modular city which is highly effective in organizing its basic resources such as water, food, electricity, safety & security and more. It’s not only more cost effective but will also make cities resilient for environmental challenges such as earthquakes, tsunamis & hurricanes.
  • Technology; human driven technology which finds the balance between human and machine interaction. Which is transparant and in which people always have insight in their data. Agnostic technology which enables citizens & ecosystems to secure the technology sovereignty. As plug ’n play solution based on the digital toolbox.

The three layers are interacting and supported by a sustainable business model which functions as a revolving fund which secures that life in the city is sustainable and future proof. With our vision, products, and services we help you to realize your vision.

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