As a Project Coordinator you will support the organisation in our moonshot to help cities and ecosystems in their digital transformation process to become resilient and sustainable. This position serves as an important sustainability ambassador of the company, actively engaged both in internal and external networks.


About You

In this position you will be the central point of contact for all projects that are assigned to you. You manage multidisciplinary projects which are sometimes scattered over different geographic zones. Due to your effort, customers, suppliers and internal colleagues know what is expected from them and what is the latest status of the project. You know how to manage your projects within budget and planning, taking in consideration resources, quality and safety.

Tasks & Responsibilities (general)

Coordination of internal and external stakeholders 

●    Create working teams and steer the groups

●    Translate customer needs in concrete action lists and track the progress

●    Periodic financial reporting & writing deliverables

●    Coordinate onboarding process for tech suppliers and customers (cities), provide feedback to product development team

●    Coordinate between internal and external stakeholders (consultants, tech suppliers & customers (cities))


Contract management

●    Screen market for potential consultancy assignments and signal the opportunities

●    Contracts management with consultants, subcontractors and third  parties

●    Handling administration  (invoices processing, timesheets management, system reporting on worked hours etc).


Market research and analysis

●    Scout technology market and collaborate with Progress Management team to identify new business opportunities

●    Contribute to market research and analysis of the technology and its application for the circular and sustainable projects.


Product development and process management 

●    Contribute to product development by collecting onboarding feedback, documenting and describing the (desired) functionalities and user stories in a product backlog

●    Contribute to the development of policies and work instructions

●    Organise workshops, training, and project related events if necessary



  ●    BSc preferably combined with work experience within a project related technical environment.

  ●    Proven track and experience of 3-5 years in managing projects, including large EU projects

  ●    Ability to absorb and handle complex information in a structured way

  ●    Process-oriented and committed to superior quality in your work.

  ●    Preferably experience in working with governmental organizations.

  ●    Critical thinking skills.

  ●    Be a real team player and a collaborator who builds mutual trust, respect, and cooperation.

  ●    Work across different disciplines and have an international mind setting.

  ●    Self-steering. You flourish when experiencing freedom in your work and feel confident to move in the right direction based on our sustainability vision & strategy.

         ●    Excellent command of English and Dutch language, both verbal and in writing.


Your behaviour profile as a Junior Project Coordinator

You carry out supporting activities in accordance with clear explanations and clear agreements. The focus is still mainly on being able to apply your knowledge, carrying out the work, and solving as many problems independently as possible.

You are not yet carrying out your work to the fullest extent. You do not yet fully master all parts of the work. You do as much as possible independently and know at the right time to ask for advice and involve others. You have knowledge of the subject matter and are learning to apply this knowledge situationally and to master the organizational approach.

You have the talent and ambition to be considered a fully-fledged expert and sparring partner. You work in an investigative manner and are driven to discover new possibilities and opportunities. You are focused on increasing your knowledge and insight and therefore continuously delve into the subject matter that belongs to your field. You radiate enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and are constantly looking for new and challenging assignments that accelerate your development process.

         ●    You solve as many unique problems and assignments as possible independently

         ●    You work analytically and are driven to unravel problems and issues

         ●    You introduce theoretical new technical applications (from training)


  • You define one's objectives in terms of tangible behavior (measurable results within a deadline)
  • You indicate how objectives will be attained in terms of tangible actions (who, what, when)
  • You evaluate regularly what the situation is regarding one's objectives
  • You take direct action when there is a threat that objectives won't be attained
  • You look for alternatives when certain actions have not lead to a desired result
  • You attain or exceed set goals
  • You take action when problems are anticipated
  • You oversee consequences of actions and decisions and take account of this.
  • You respond in a timely manner to other people's problems or requests
  • You separate main issues from side issues and sets priorities
  • You indicate (new) situations for which no procedures and instructions have been set
  • You express yourself clearly and voice your opinions
  • You do not refrain from expressing your opinion but your do so in a non-provocative way
  • You clearly indicate what kind of behavior is not appreciated without voicing an opinion of a person concerned
Focus on Quality:
  • You adhere to prescribed quality standards
  • You regularly check whether your work meets prescribed quality standards
  • You regularly ask for feedback regarding quality
  • You correct mistakes when they become evident
  • You take direct action in order to ensure your quality of work
Planning and Organizing:
  • You are able to draft a realistic time schedule for certain activities
  • You draft an action plan before entering a project
  • You plan activities and places them in the right order
  • You work neatly and precisely, uses adequate filing systems
  • You adjust plans when necessary

To collaborate:

  • You are willing to share knowledge and experience
  • You are open to other people's opinions and ideas
  • You notice when others need help and take over their tasks when necessary
  • You clearly demonstrate the importance of a joint result
  • You celebrate success and commiserate on failure together

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