Progress Manager - Medior


As a Progress Manager you will support Serendipity in our moonshot to help cities and eco-systems in their digital transformation process to become resilient and sustainable. You are an important sustainability ambassador of the company, actively engaged both in internal and external networks.

The cornerstone of progress management is the success of our customer’s projects. As a consulting firm and a solutions integrator, we attach the utmost importance to the implementation of recommendations borne of a strong commitment to our customers and a drive to prioritize the success of their projects.

About You

You are an entrepreneurial professional with a business mindset who is eager to leverage the organization to the next level. You are a reliable, well-organized person who can orchestrate all stakeholders while steering on projects’ progress and their implementation with a focus on planning, budget, resource control, and risk management. You can identify, understand and define customer requirements, set expectations, and give insight into the solutions to be provided.

You have creative ideas on how to bring the product to the market and can translate this into a concrete plan of action, communicating internally and externally.

Tasks & Responsibilities (general)

  • Oversee customer (cities) challenges and anticipate new business opportunities, proactively engage in the business development process.
  • Plan the projects for their implementation, translate goals & objectives into smaller feasible milestones/work packages, and create a roadmap.
  • Set follow-up process, meetings, and structure. Proactively monitor project progress in weekly team meetings, and adapt work where required. Ensure project deliverables meet deadlines.
  • Consult with private and public organizations and advice on digital transformation and systemic change. Monitor technology market and track new tech developments as well as relevant suppliers.
  • Make action plans towards the public and private sector, including targeting, personalization of campaigns, and KPI metrics.
  • Stakeholders’ management: provide an active support onboarding process for tech suppliers and cities. Give feedback on challenges during the onboarding as well as city procurement process and actively contribute to the development of the product (Digital Toolbox).
  • Organize (online) events, manage the participation of Serendipity in congresses, and tech events, write newsletters and actively communicate on social media. This is a second element.


  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Business Administration, Marketing or Communication.

  • For a medior and senior we seek experience in Progress and Project management, proven Project Management skills in the field of technology & innovation (experience with steering multiple projects involving major changes to the business, and preparation of staff and/or stakeholders for the changes).

  • Tech-savvy. Ability to translate business needs into technology.

  • Ability to absorb and handle complex information in a structured way, then to independently make business plans and drive across functional teams via influence.

  • Proven presentation skills to deliver technical training to the stakeholders (f.e. cities).

  • Process-oriented and committed to superior quality in your work.

  • Preferably experience in working with governmental organizations.

  • Strong interpersonal, communication (influencing and storytelling) and critical thinking skills.

  • Be a real team player and a collaborator who builds mutual trust, respect, and cooperation. Work across different disciplines and have an international mind setting.

  • Self-steering. You flourish when experiencing freedom in your work and feel confident to move in the right direction based on our sustainability vision & strategy.

  • Excellent command of English and Dutch language, both verbal and in writing.

Your behaviour profile as a medior progress manager

You work on abstract (conceptual) issues that require a vision of the field and insight into the context. Your focus is on innovation, the design and implementation of new concepts and solutions. 
You have an impact on processes in which different people with conflicting interests interact. You investigate and redefine the issue, compare different solution methods and come up with innovative ideas, suggestions, proposals and plans that set others in motion. 
You move easily in a political field, stick your neck out and dare to take the lead. You switch quickly and are positively independent and steady on course. You see the whole, have a helicopter view and naturally focus on the 'big picture', without getting lost in insignificant details. 
You are at your best when you have to solve challenging, complicated issues, where you can influence your environment and provide others with new insights.
  • You initiate and integrate new concepts and innovative plans 
  • You have your own unique vision of the profession and are innovative 
  • You are convincing and inspiring, and know how to bring together important internal and external stakeholders 
  • You see and use opportunities and possibilities to innovate and develop and implement new policy 
  • You oversee a time horizon of at least one year


Taking initiative

  • You mention and discuss resistance where and when it takes place 
  • You actively search for opportunities that might improve your services 
  • You detect opportunities in conversations that work to your advantage 
  • You actively look for solutions when facing a deadlock in a meeting 
  • You take a clear position in unclear situations in which others do nothing

Being innovative

  • You participate in networks that are relevant to our organization and are renowned for your innovative thoughts 
  • You like to avoid the beaten path and offer proposals that are not always clear-cut yet feasible 
  • You like to discuss new possibilities or different implementations of existing techniques and methods with colleagues or fellow-experts 
  • You listen carefully to other people's ideas and are able to assess your innovative potential 
  • You are not hindered by competitive sentiments when someone else comes up with a good idea; you join in and value the idea instead

Planning and organizing

  • You translate management proposals into feasible action plans 
  • You set realistic budgets 
  • You set strategic priorities for your department based on the organization's policy 
  • You find the right moments for making decisions 
  • You allocate people and resources effectively

To collaborate

  • You acknowledge the contribution from other disciplines and use them by inviting representatives 
  • You discuss plans and ideas with others and invite them to contribute 
  • You emphasize common denominators in a team to reinforce team spirit and the importance of a shared result 
  • You are able to compromise; let a group's interest prevail over your own 
  • You make others see their contribution is vital for achieving a shared goal 

Communication skills

  • You adapt language used on the level of others 
  • You know how to make a complex subject clear to any target group 
  • You use examples that suit the target group and that make the argument clearer 
  • You place a story in a broader context without making it more complicated 
  • You include characteristics of the target group in the story being told, making it more lively 
  • You do not only speak to, but also involve the audience 
  • You consciously use different ways of communicating, both verbal and physical 
  • You respond adequately to questions from the audience



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